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Do you find yourself pushing through life hoping it’ll all be worth it at the end ? Are you living your life the way you’ve been told you should ? Do you struggle to operate from a place of intuition and authenticity ?

I hear you. Trying to navigate life when we’ve never been told to trust our instincts nor taught about how our specific energy works can feel like a long and frustrating process. A lot of us don’t know what to do with ourselves let alone have the keys to happiness and success.

That, my friend, is oftentimes due to the fact that we don’t know where to look for answers and we exhaust ourselves with effort and frustration. Let’s get you the life you deserve by digging deep and embracing your very own magic.


Human Design

Also known as the science of differentiation, HD provides insights about your gifts, your energy, purpose and so much more. 

Subconscious work

I use a variety of tools such as NLP, TIME Techniques, EFT and Hypnosis for a deep shift into your subconscious mind. 

Energy work

I use Feminine/Masculine energy and the Moon cycles as tools for an optimized life flow

Hi! I'm Laura,

A multi-passionate, sassy, caring weirdo. I spent years and years trying to « find my path » but only following other people’s idea of success because I was too scared of my own ambition. I couldn’t choose between my passions so I spent a lot of time doing nothing, too afraid to make the wrong call.

And then I stopped letting life passing me by and I actually did in the physical world what I had boiling in my mind this whole time: helping people. In one way or another. So this is me, putting myself out there, sharing what I learned through experience, mostly trial and error, and recently getting a coaching certification.

My hope is to give you the keys to feel your best, act your best and be your best, whatever this means for you. In my journey it all started with actually getting to know myself holistically and trusting me, before all else. I’ll share with you my tools and techniques to have a better understanding of who you are, trusting your inner wisdom and finding your purpose.


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